Advantech Remote Evaluation Service
for Intel Select Solutions for NFVI

Test Environment

Advantech Remote Evaluation Service network is depicted in the image below and includes the following elements:
Remote Access Server
RES is available through a Remote Access Server that secures access to the Evaluation Unit or Units. Each portal user will log in to the service using an assigned public IP, special port number and credentials. The Remote Access Server connects to the Evaluation Unit through Ethernet and USB-to-Serial console ports.
Evaluation Units
Users can remotely test both Advantech platforms verified as Intel Select Solutions for NFVI, the FWA-6170 network appliance and the SKY-8201 carrier-grade server. The verified configurations available for evaluation are described in the section below. They both run Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and are compatible with Red Hat OpenStack.
Packet Generator
In order to test performance of the networking gear, RES also integrates a Packet Generator which can generate traffic as well as receive traffic from the Evaluation Units. The Packet Generator is optional and supports 10Gbps/40Gbps traffic.

Advantech Intel Select Solutions for NFVI available for Remote Evaluation

FWA-6170 Network Appliance
The FWA-6170 high-end network appliance meets the criteria for the Intel Select Solution for NFVI plus configuration, and it has been designed for maximum performance, scalability and functionality in a 2U rack mount footprint. The configurations verified to meet Intel’s reference benchmark-performance threshold were equipped with dual Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8176 processors (28 cores each, 2.1GHz). The platform is also available with a broader choice of processors from the Intel Xeon processor Scalable family. The FWA-6170 is a high-end network communications appliance optimized for computing power, accelerated workloads and high speed, high density I/O with best-in-class energy efficiency.
SKY-8210 Carrier-Grade Server
The Advantech SKY-8201 carrier grade server also meets the criteria for the Intel Select Solution for NFVI plus configuration. It is a highly configurable high performance server designed to balance the best in server-class processing with maximum I/O and offload density in a 20" depth chassis. The system is a cost effective, robust platform optimized for high reliability in network, edge and industrial computing. It is specifically designed for high density PCIe card payloads where maximum I/O connectivity is needed or the integration of industry leading offload and acceleration technology is essential. Eight I/O slots provide a wide range of expansion choice. The power and cooling options along with the streamlined mechanical design make it ideal for demanding applications requiring high performance acceleration technologies such as Intel QAT, GPU and FPGA cards.
More information about Advantech's verified Intel Select Solutions for NFVI can be found here.