Advantech Remote Evaluation Service
for Intel Select Solutions for NFVI



What is Advantech’s Remote Evaluation Service (RES) and what is it’s relation to the Intel Select Solutions for NFVI Portal?

Advantech RES provides connectivity to different systems in Advantech’s Taipei Labs. These include carrier grade servers and blade servers as well as Network Appliances and AdvancedTCA systems. Advantech remote evaluation platform takes Intel Select Solutions for NFVI objective one step further in helping CoSPs and integrators accelerate their NFVI decision making process and reduce integration risks when deploying next generation networks.
The Advantech Intel Select Solutions for NFVI Portal provides access to secure and dedicated pre-integrated NFVI platforms that has been configured and validated to optimize NFV workloads.

There are numerous proof-of-concept initiatives and open source cloud projects, what's so different about this one?

At Advantech we wanted to put together a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) evaluation framework that would give a community of developers access to a much broader set of hardware platforms deployable in many different locations in the network as virtualization is not just about the data center. The community we are trying to bring together is one where people with similar philosophies about telecom cloud architecture who recognize the need for greater NFV elasticity can openly collaborate together.
We believe that by opening up this Test Drive portal for Intel Select Solutions for NFVI, we can help CoSPs and integrators get ahead of the curve and begin to test different NFV use cases on pre-validated NFVI destined for deployment closer to the subscriber in the access network, mobile edge and in Central Offices as well as the network core and telecom data center.

Who is the audience for this initiative?

Communication Service Providers and integrators that want to minimize risks and time to production when deploying the new NFV infrastructure at the network core and edge.
Users can verify if they reach the performance necessary in various service chaining scenarios on a particular network architecture. In addition, operators can rapidly verify if a specific platform gives them the manageability, scalability and carrier grade resiliency they require for their NFV deployments.

How do I gain access to the portal?

Point your browser at and navigate to the tab marked “register”. Fill out the simple form and one of our representatives will get back to you promptly to discuss your requirements and set up a Test Drive session. From that point we will take you for a full Test Drive and walk you through the on-line set-up. Once we agree on your needs and evaluation period we’ll send you your login details so you can get started on your own.

What’s my choice of hardware platforms? – what configurations are available to choose from?

NFV integrators and service providers can test both Advantech platforms validated as Intel Select Solutions for NFVI: the FWA-6170 network appliance and the SKY-8201 carrier-grade server. They both meet the criteria for the Intel Select Solution for NFVI plus configuration. With connectivity to 25 and 40GbE ports, the scale-out and service chaining of VNFs can be benchmarked with finer precision to identify NFVI that is able to meet specific service level agreements.

How does someone become a RES ecosystem member and/or participate?

We’ll be glad to have you on board. Just drop us an email at

Do I need to purchase any software licenses?

This will depend on the specific suite of VNF’s you want to test. When you first register for the portal we will contact you to discuss the software loads you want to test and the free evaluation licenses available.

Is there an SLA?

Since there is no fee to use this portal, there is no SLA. However if we have validated an evaluation slot for you we will not take the portal down for maintenance or to upgrade without informing you first. In addition will do our best to support any question you may have but this will be provided on a best effort basis.

Who can I ask if I have more questions?

The best resource is the project team. You can reach them through email at